Rise Family Therapy serves the Frisco, Texas community and surrounding areas through modern, creative interventions backed by current science and research. The primary aim of therapy services at Rise are to learn, refine, and then implement new skills and habits that will create radical, lasting change in your life.

We will work from the general assumption that we are all doing the best, at this moment, with what we have. We do well, if we can. We parent well, if we can. We show up for life well, if we can.

When we can’t… it’s because we need to build new skills. We need to talk through our stuff. We need to learn and practice self-care. We need to evaluate our purpose and find meaning in our daily experiences and broader community. We need to re-work how we engage in our friendships, relationships, and life in general. This is where therapy begins.

Although Rise happily works with people of all ages, stages and life goals; Rise has a special interest in bringing a modern, creative, engaging therapeutic approach to adolescent girls.


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Elementary & Tween Girls

Ages 6-12 years old

Girls in this age group are growing in independence as they progress further in their schooling. They are practicing new social skills, gaining confidence, and experimenting with the concept of personal power as they learn to efficiently problem-solve issues in their lives.

Adolescent Girls

Ages 13-college

Adolescent girls are navigating one of the most tumultuous developmental stages of their lives. They are undergoing a major cognitive restructuring that leads to heightened emotional responses and a lack of impulse control, at times.


Moms and Dads

Brand new or seasoned pros

Whether you find yourself overwhelmed with your newborn’s needs, or about to rip your hair out as a stay at home mom, or a dad and daughter duo who just cannot see eye to eye… Rise is here for it all.

Personal Growth: All Ages & Stages

be a better you.

Personal growth is an essential component of the therapeutic process. Stress reduction, mindfulness, relaxation training, time-management, self-care and more!

Physical Office


Conveniently located just 1 mile south of 121 on the NE corner of Ohio Drive and Rasor Boulevard.