One of the most important parts of making therapy work well is ensuring that you are choosing the right therapist. Hopefully what I share here, paired with your free 15 minute phone consultation, will help you make the most informed decisions towards wellness.


Meet Lauren

Licensed marriage and family therapist

Personal Me

I am a born and raised Texan and plan to keep it that way! When I am not in the therapy room, I like spending time exploring all of the amazing places in our city with my husband and kids. I am a big fan of coffee and if you are in one of my morning sessions (or even afternoon or evening sessions, lets be real…), you’ll rarely find me empty handed.

I try to keep humor a big part of my day and love watching stand up comedy or funny animal videos online. In more quiet moments, I’m typically somewhere outside reading a book or listening to music or a podcast.

Educational Me

When I arrived in Lubbock, TX as a brand new college freshman, I was sure I had made a big mistake. Dust storms, wind, tumbleweeds bigger than a car… somehow the people of Lubbock and the Texas Tech University campus won me over. I received my Bachelor’s in Psychology there and a minor in Addictive Disorders and Recovery Studies.

I always joke that Lubbock is a vortex and it sucked me in. I ended up with the opportunity to stay there for my graduate studies where I received my Master’s in Marriage and Family Therapy. During my stay in Lubbock, I gained experience in a family therapy clinic and a children’s advocacy center; both of which greatly influenced the therapist I am today.

Professional Me

Following my time in Lubbock, my family and I moved back to Dallas where I began working towards my vision of what would ultimately become Rise Family Therapy. Over years worth of sessions, I gained more experience working with clients of all ages, stages, cultures, and family structures. I continue to learn so much from my clients and I am constantly working on perfecting my craft to serve you best.

In 2018, I opened the doors to Rise Family Therapy to bring a service to our community that I am so, so proud of. Rise Family Therapy in Plano, TX brings fresh, creative, and modern therapy approaches to girls, women, and their loved ones.

What Sets Rise Apart

The world we live in is constantly changing, why shouldn’t our therapy approaches do so as well? To me, modern and creative therapy looks and feels like this…

  • Feeling like your therapist is a human being and not a robot telling you what a textbook would say to “fix you,” because first of all, The Problem is the problem, not you.

  • Using humor in session and not being afraid to laugh or be silly before we settle in or as we are finishing up. I love when my clients show me a funny meme or something that made them laugh this week. Humor is so healing amidst the heavy work of therapy.

  • Bringing in expressive art activities when words are just not working to convey what is happening for you (or for when you just want to feel like your in elementary art class again.) I have a cabinet full of art supplies and my clients know they are welcome to any of it during session.

  • Holding space for whatever type of language and tone of voice needs to come out of your mouth to move through Big Feelings. And when there are no words that can come out of your mouth; we use my word board. My word board is magnetic board I keep close to my client’s couch that has over 1,000 magnetic words on it. My clients make poems, or string random words together, or even leave anonymous messages for the next person who sees it.

  • Bringing in real-time therapy interventions and awareness to ourselves. If I notice you come in, talking 100mph, visibly stressed - I might suggest we take 5 minutes and listen to a non-cheesy guided meditation, or do some grounding work to help you settle. Real time help, real time solutions.

  • Making other avenues of therapy available to fit your schedule and preferences. Bad weather? Let’s hop on a video session. Weather so nice you can’t bear to spend an hour inside? Let’s schedule a walk-and-talk session at a park or track.

  • Sessions catered specifically to you; your preferences on who is with you, your goals for getting better, your topics of interest, your specific personality and way of being in the room. This therapy is yours. One size fits all doesn’t fit Rise Family Therapy.