Early School Age (6+)


When Your Little One Needs Therapy

It's never an easy thing to think about. Kids are supposed to be happy and carefree, right? Most of the time they are; but life can and does get in the way. Trauma, divorce, bullying, grief and loss, ADHD, underdeveloped social skills and more can cause children to need therapy.

Rise Family Therapy sees kids ages 6 and up. Children under 6, or older children with an established need, may be referred to local registered play therapists.

Therapy with children is unique in that kids need less words, less questions asked of them, and less traditional talk-therapy.

Kids use toys, play, games and expressive arts to process in the same ways that adults might just use their voice.

At Rise, your child will have access to all of the above. Each activity, toy, or game is tailored to each child's treatment plan and session. There are opportunities for both directive discussions (therapist-led) and non-directive discussion (child-led). 

Parents will be kept well informed of a child's progress, treatment plan, and goals during the therapy process.