4 Steps to Finding a Sense of Purpose for Teens

Money, status, and praise are not innately bad; they are just worthless unless they come from doing something that sets your soul on fire. Knowing this is half the battle - the other half is fighting against this story that you have to be the best, that you have to make a lot of money to be happy or that you need a prestigious title to be worthy of love. You don't; you need to know your purpose, live it out, and I promise you that can be enough. 

A new way.

Next time you're witness to a child's meltdown in all it's shining glory, take a moment to empathize with that parent and child. Realize that they are doing the best that they can in that current moment. This parenting gig is exhausting - let's encourage each other along the way instead of criticizing and assuming we would have or could have done a better job.