Therapy for Teenage Girls

Developmental Challenges

The teenage years are typically the time where if things are going to go downhill, it does and it often happens quickly. Teen girls are facing so many unique challenges while also having an underdeveloped frontal cortex getting in the way of their ability to always make sound, logical decisions and keep Big Feelings reigned in. Part of working with teen girls is educating them and their parents on brain development and it’s impacts and limitations on their behavior and choices.

Why I Love My Work with Teen Girls

Though suspicious of therapy at first, most teen girls warm right up to the therapy process and truly enjoy having another adult on their team who is one hundred percent on their side and rooting for them. Our girls are so bright and doing such big, awesome things in this world, despite all of their challenges. It is my very favorite thing to see a fire light up in one of my teen clients and watch her transform into a confident, empowered trailblazer.

I have such a dear space in my heart for this age group and since I work with teen girls a majority of my day, almost every day, I am very in tune with what is going on socially, academically, and otherwise in our local ISD’s. This helps give me some credibility and trust so we can start making progress quickly.

Length/Duration of Therapy

I recommend a minimum of 10-12 weekly sessions for my teen clients to start out. The weekly consistency is important because so many things are happening in their world so quickly that if we start to space sessions out too soon, we begin to spend too much time catching up. Teens want to share their social world; they want me to know all 30 of their best friends names and who belongs in which group and who-told-who-what last Thursday at 3pm. It is very normal for them to need to incorporate this type of processing into their sessions as we work on bigger therapeutic goals.

Around the 10-12th session, teens usually start coming in saying that they are feeling better and things are moving in the right direction. For some kiddos that will happen sooner and for some it will happen much later, but once it does, we will move to every 2 weeks, every 3 weeks, and then monthly check-ins or group therapy, if needed.