Therapy for Young Adult Women

Early adulthood can be a very tricky time period in your life. Maybe you are about to start college or your first big job, or even thinking about starting a family. It may have felt like that transition out of adolescence and into adulthood was rather abrupt. Suddenly, you really are responsible for yourself and take care of all the things. #adulting, right?

Therapy can be beneficial during this time period to focus on the following…

  • Fears and anxieties about increased independence

  • Self-discovery as an individual

  • Family conflict as roles and relationships change from child-parent to adult child-parent

  • Stress management

  • Money management

  • Relationships

  • Value system and goals

  • General health and wellness

  • Changes in peer relationships

  • Treatment of underlying mental health disorders impacting daily functioning

  • Transition into the workplace

  • Family or trauma history that is affecting daily functioning